Smart MFG 2021 Review and 2022 Outlook

10 min readJan 13, 2022

Smart MFG 2021 Review and 2022 Outlook

2021 has been an incredible milestone year for Smart MFG. From the ramp up to the upcoming launch of the world’s first Phygital-themed 3D Model compatible NFT marketplace for interoperable metaverse assets bridging to real-world use case NFTs and physical supply chain; to the building of a DeFi ecosystem for makers, designers, gamers, and metaverse creators, to the execution and success of our scheduled roadmap for last year; be prepared for world’s firsts, unique and exciting advancements in 2022!

NFTs in 2021

2021 was the year of the NFT. This unforeseen growth was charted in an industry report by DappRadar — a blockchain-powered sales tracking firm for NFT/Defi portfolios. The report stated that trading in NFTs accounted for $22bn in 2021, dwarfing the $100m recorded in 2020, and that the floor market cap of the highest ever issued 100 NFTs has a collective value measure of $16.7bn.

The forecast is for 2022 to be yet another market boom for NFT assets, with the final launch and integration of Metaverse initiatives by projects of a wide variety of verticals. Hence, there are an abundance of reasons why NFT integrated asset creators should consider a marketing approach involving the new evolution of social collaboration — the Metaverse.

Smart MFG Q1 — Q3 2021 Achievements

  • Q1 started with website relaunch to provide a user-friendly experience for our targeted audience and seamlessly aid in supporting the growth and decentralization push of the Smart MFG ecosystem.
  • Q1 also saw a complete market housekeeping, getting MFG profiled on DEX, CEX, and other Crypto token reference portals.
  • Q2 started with the Chainlink collaboration with Smart MFG to integrate Oracles Powering DeFi-Based supply chain applications — a welcomed development for the future supply chain Defi and MFG dashboard.
  • New MFG Github — a repository for MFG based smart contracts.
  • Joining the Smart MFG team: Ken Du as the Chief Technical Officer (CTO). Andy Tong as a strategic advisor and Julian Picaza — as the community ambassador to push the community decentralization drive ( including social media, hosting AMA and attending to community member queries).
  • YFLink/Varen partnerships to provide liquidity mining rewards for the Uniswap ETH|MFG pair using the LINKSWAP LP rewards service.
  • Q3 saw the announcement of Noëlle Gahan as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Henry Min as Chief Operating Officer (COO) to Smart MFG, as well as Isa Kivlighan as Marketing Advisor.

Smart MFG Q4 Achievements

1. Community Building

As building and maintaining a relevant community is the greatest asset to reach our mission of becoming the world’s first interoperable 3D NFT marketplace, we have continued to reach out to our community members through AMA’s and many other marketing activities.

2. Liquidity Mining Campaign

One of the successes in Q4 was the launch of our first in-house liquidity mining campaign with the Uniswap V3 MFG-ETH pair. This approach is our way to show appreciation by incentivizing our liquidity providers who helped support and grow our ecosystem.

As our goal is to continue to decentralize further, develop, test-run, and expand, we are on the long-term mission to provide competitive reward mechanisms for the long foreseeable future to encourage, boost and retain the loyalty of our Liquidity Pools (LP). The LP campaign began in Q4 2021 (October 1, 2021) and will end in Q1 2022 (March 31, 2022). (Here’s the official guide)

In addition, the development team is working tirelessly to integrate and implement an L2 bridge for the new Uniswap V3 MFG-USDC pair in anticipation of the upcoming LP campaign scheduled for Q1 2022 and all details will be featured on our dashboard in the coming months.

3. Market Housekeeping

MFG is now available in many third-party services.

  • Token identification services (Coingecko, Etherscan, Coinmarketcap, etc.)
  • Portfolio tracking services (Blockfolio, Delta, etc.)
  • DEX aggregator services ( Paraswap, Matcha, 1inch, etc.)
  • DEX/AMM Platforms(Uniswap, Kyber, Bancor, Sushiswap, etc.)
  • Other third-party services like CoinStats,, Zerion, etc.

4. Team Building

Our team grew in leaps and bounds in 2021 with an exciting announcement set for the outset of 2022! We are delighted to summarize who joined our committed team in 2021, and as we continue to grow in 2o22:

  • Henry Min (Chief Operating Officer-COO)
  • Ken Du (Chief Technology Officer-CTO)
  • Noëlle Gahan (Chief Marketing Officer-CMO)

Veteran Enterprise & Emerging Technology Executive

Noëlle is well versed on emerging technologies and their impact on the digital economy, such as crypto, blockchain, tokenisation and fintech. Most recently, she was CMO and Executive Board Director of Digital Transaction Limited, a blockchain startup in Hong Kong, where she successfully led their token sale and platform launch to completion. She brings two decades of experience in tech marketing, having held senior roles with global PR agencies Fleishman Hillard and BCW leading tech clients, as well as in-house roles with tech multinationals Cisco, Tektronix and Hewlett Packard, responsible for marketing, sales, and engineering.

Welcome Chief Marketing Officer — Noëlle Gahan

“I am very excited to be joining the Smart MFG team at this important time in the company’s development. We aim to become the market leader in the industrial design and 3D Model NFT and separately in the supply chain blockchain DeFi space and we will be focusing on ecosystem development and partnerships to grow our community exponentially in recognition of the solid underpinnings of the technology Smart MFG has built in partnership with SyncFab — contributing to the global blockchain ecosystem for both enterprises and individual applications in NFTs, Supply Chain DeFi and data-driven digital transformation of industrial supply chains making them more agile and sustainable”.

— Noëlle Gahan, Chief Marketing Officer, Smart MFG Tech

  • Julian Picaza (Product Manager & Community Ambassador)
  • Andy Tong (Strategy Advisor)
  • Stefan van As (Technical Advisor)
  • Isa Kivlighan (Marketing Advisor)

Our team grew in leaps and bounds in 2021 with an exciting announcement set for the outset of 2022!

5. Smart MFG NFT Marketplace — Building The Metaverse

Q4 hastened our journey to the Beta launch of the world’s first 3D NFT marketplace for interoperable metaverse assets and real-world use case NFTs. The metaverse and gaming platforms biggest pain point today is the lack of interoperability between them: an asset in one platform cannot be used, sold, licensed on another platform due to varying graphics formats; this massively limits revenue opportunities for asset creators as well as generates liquidity problems for gamers and limits their opportunity for play-to-earn activities. Smart MFG NFT marketplace uniquely solves this biggest problem; users will benefit from the many features, ranging from minting, incentivization, auction services, etc, but also the opportunity for both creators and gamers to benefit more broadly from 3D assets that are the foundations of the metaverse through interoperability of assets across metaverses and gaming platforms — accelerating the move to the GameFi, CreatorFi and Play-To-Earn, serving as an entry point into the Web 3.0 economy.

With the real-world asset backing of Smart MFG, its support by partnering with SyncFab, and being an expanding ecosystem, it’s no doubt that the NFT marketplace will be one of a kind. Smart MFG uniquely operates at the intersection of supply chain, DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, and GameFi and will be the first dedicated true phygital platform that bridges the intersection of digital and real-world use-case NFTs.

2022 Outlook — What we have to look forward to!

2022 will witness the full launching, optimization, and enhancement of the Smart MFG NFT platform and marketplace, linking creators, gamers, collectors with experts in graphical transformation of assets to provide the interoperability of 3D metaverse assets and liquidity that this ecosystem needs. This launch will be further strengthened through community development, market housekeeping, hiring internal new teams/advisors, and introducing various forms of incentivization, as well as launching the 3D creator ecosystem, supply chain Defi financial services, and smart cross-border payment system.

2022 will also be the year for growth, not just in terms of users on the platform, but also for building the partnership ecosystem.

In addition to partnerships with Metaverses and Gaming platforms, Smart MFG also prioritizes partnerships with service stakeholders and leading industrial manufacturing supply chains using blockchain for additional mutual benefits in the following areas:

  • Liquidity partnerships
  • Liquidity solutions that digitally transform supply chains with greater efficiencies.
  • DEFI-driven supply chain financial tools.

Smart MFG Poised To Launch Groundbreaking 3D NFT Enabled Metaverse Marketplace.

The NFT is a decentralized asset enabled by blockchain now taking early partnership innovation to the next level 3D assets are soon to become the latest offering. For example, the Metaverse, which is only getting started, is fuelled by 3D NFTs — They are the literal building blocks. As the Metaverse develops, their value and importance will become more evident.

It’s all about guaranteeing real value for creations, knowledge, and information in the form of 3D and regular NFTs. Smart MFG already had a massive community of industrial designers and 3D artists involved, and the expansion into an NFT platform was a logical step forward.

Smart MFG recently announced the soon-to-be-launched SmartMFG NFT marketplace. It is the world’s first comprehensive NFT platform for creating, storing, and transferring industrial design and 3D gaming assets in the form of NFTs.

It is a marketplace for metaverse builders, gamers, industrial designers, concept artists, and makers. It is a platform for them to create, exchange ideas and sell or license 3D model NFTs in the Metaverse or physical world.

Here, these creators are incentivized to make the most useful and practical 3D NFTs that they will own and sell and trade. As a result, this marketplace will play a pivotal role as the supplier of the building blocks of the Metaverse, which is fantastic!

Industrial designers and concept artists will use the Smart MFG NFT platform to create value and market their creations on a platform that has already proven itself across the manufacturing industry.

The categories within the marketplace will include:

  • Metaverse Buildup
  • Blockchain Gaming Skins
  • 2D & 3D Designs
  • Industrial Design
  • Rockets, Spacecraft, Supersonic Airplanes, Electric Airplanes, EV Electric Vehicles, Automobiles
  • Engineering
  • Art & Architecture
  • Novelty & Vintage
  • Museum and Auction House Assets
  • Large Scale Event Props
  • So Much More!

Exciting times lie in store as SMART MFG continues to grow from strength to strength in the NFT Space or dare we say NFTs IN SPACE!


Smart MFG, already a leading blockchain supply chain DeFi company, is also the world’s first 3D NFT Marketplace focused on making 3D assets interoperable across all metaverses, and enabling creators, industrial designers, and all makers to own, market, sell and authenticate their digital assets (CreatorFi), and gamers to accelerate their play-to-earn opportunities (GameFi). In addition, Smart MFG’s NFT platform aims to bridge the digital-to-physical divide for all 3D assets. Smart MFG uniquely operates at the intersection of Supply Chain and DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse and GameFi, and serves as an entry point into the Web 3.0 economy.

Smart MFG Tech is a blockchain company focused on Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation and promoting new data mobilization technologies, including IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) for use within the manufacturing industry. Smart MFG is launching a 2D & 3D model NFT marketplace for novelty & vintage Art & Architecture, Automotive, Space & Aerospace Engineering, Industrial Design and more. Smart MFG also offers Supply Chain DeFi programs using $MFG in partnership with a growing blockchain partnership ecosystem for Industry 4.0 digital transformation.

Smart MFG Tech promotes digital transformation of industrial manufacturing supply chains using blockchain as a key building block of Industry 4.0. MFG Tokens® incentivize collaboration and speed across supply chains and can be used to create custom rewards and compensate manufacturers for time and accuracy put into competitive tender bids.

The token integration use case applications in Manufacturing Supply Chains include digital record and digital asset tokenization, advanced supplier incentive programs and supply chain decentralized finance innovation. Supply Chain Companies interested in Smart MFG partnerships can submit your requests here:

  • The MFG token has increasing uses such as:
  • Incentives & rewards programs
  • Securing smart contract POs (Purchase Orders)
  • Hardware tokenization
  • Smart payments
  • NFT marketplace services
  • Incentivizing liquidity providers
  • Supply chain DeFi finance services


We welcome you to join the conversation and help the Smart MFG community decentralization push. This includes participating in discussions, and finding creative ways to improve community and network performance.

Let’s move forward together. The success of Smart MFG is in our hands!

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